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Spring Training Ticket Sales Up

The Marlins are seeing a robust increase in ticket sales for spring training.

Online ordering is the way to go these days.

The New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals and Florida Marlins all saw increases in single-game ticket sales on the opening day Saturday...


The Cardinals and Marlins were up 27 and 24 percent, respectively, in sales for opening day, Roger Dean Stadium general manager Rob Rabenecker said, noting that online sales make up over 75 percent of all transactions.

Rabenecker said there is no reason to get to the stadium hours in advance.

"The guy who's getting up at 8:45 and fixing a cup of coffee, he's got the same chance of getting those seats as the person who gets here four hours before," Rabenecker said.

Online ordering is the way to go these days.

That's not what I am hearing.  What I hear is that the "pick a seat" system sucks.  The computer program selects a couple of options for the so called "best seats" without giving the interested buyer the option of picking the section where they would like to sit should the options given not be acceptable to them.  You can either choose one of the computer program's selections or go without.  It doesn't let the prospective customer know all of the seats available.  It is just a take the ones we are offering or don't bother showing up.

The complaints I have received about the computerized system have been few in number but they have all said the same thing.  I have yet to hear one person praising the system.

Has this been everyone's experience?

Oh, it is nice that spring training ticket sales are up.  I would like to think this could be a precursor to the regular season ticket sales but I won't hold my breath.