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Pinto coming into his own

This blurb on Renyel Pinto looks promising.

LHP Renyel Pinto refined his delivery and has been effective as a starter in the Venezuelan Winter Leagues. Gaining those innings this offseason became a priority because he was seldom used in long relief when he was called up to the Marlins. This season, however, he is being looked at as a second lefty option besides Taylor Tankersley in relief. Pinto can be used in long relief, or as a situational reliever. . . .

If you like to checkout how the others have fared in the Winter Leagues, here is a breakdown.

Winter League Marlins

Since Tankersley was mention in the above article, you might as well read his interview with the Post-Journal, Jamestown New York.

Oh, don't forget to take a look at Dan's diary post. It's an interesting one. But it did leave me with the thought: Archie Who?*

*If you are in, say, about your fifties and from Mississippi you will appreciate the Archie Who? thing. Personally, I'm neither, I just happen to know about it.