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Not much today

First off, I want wish everyone a happy new year!  

Since there isn't much to report and I have to put up with the work week starting again, today will be light blogging - unless something happens later on.

Also, there is the fact that I was up celebrating Boise State winning the National Championship in college football late last night.  Oh sure, the computers, polls and Ouija boards may render a different result but for my money, the blue field crew won it all.  If you can't tell, I'm partial to the "underdog".

But not to leave you hanging, I will continue my series of useless Marlins crap that is available for the fan who has everything.

Today we feature: The Marlins Trailer Hitch Cover.

It's "indestructible" and "weatherproof" so it may come in handy.  I have no idea why these Marlins theme products interest me so or why I burden you with reading about them.  But still I do.

Normal blogging resumes tomorrow.