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Need a Volunteer

This is not a task for the faint of heart but requires a hearty soul.  The mission, should anyone accept it, may win you a Pulitzer in photojournalism.  Okay, it won't do that, but I would be deeply grateful.

The mission: get a picture of the tyrannosaur wearing a Florida Marlins jersey.

The place: the Billabong Pub at "3000 Country Club Lane on the southwest side of Interstate 95 in Hallandale Beach. Despite the Country Club address, the landmark here is Mattress Giant".

According to AFTER DARK Gabe Berman, they have one.

Assuming most of you know some of the words to Waltzing Matilda, you should instantly know it's an Australian pub.  Even if you didn't, you will figure it out upon arrival.  

I have no idea how many Aussies live in the area but if there is more than one and they frequent the joint - you are in for a very fun and interesting evening.  In between learning ruby songs, that decorum will not allow you to sing anyplace else, don't forget your original mission.

Who is up for the challenge?  Anyone?

Oh, a designated driver/gawker may be in order to complete the task safely.