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Former Marlin News

Baseball Canada recently held their fund raiser and banquet with a former Marlins player being one of the speakers.

Here is the precursor:

RP Eric Gagne (Mascouche, Que.), former Cy Young award winner, now of the Texas Rangers, who received a special achievement award: "After two frustrating years my back and my arm are back where I want them to be. I'm hoping Paul Quantrill will get back in uniform. I'd watch him when he was with us with the Dodgers and I had no idea how guys can't hit him, I mean I know I can hit him, but when we were in L.A. had had a heck of a year.

In response to Gagne's comment Quantrill had this to say:

RP Paul Quantrill (Port Hope, Ont.), former major leaguer with the Red Sox, the Phillies, the Jays, the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Padres and the Marlins and a WBC member: "What am I doing now? I'm driving my son to hockey practice. Will I coach with the national team? Well I taught Gagne to pitch and drink, maybe I could help out."

When Paul is finished helping out the Canadian national team, the Marlins may be able to find a spot for him in the organization working with the relievers.  Though, judging from the black-eyes last season, our guys already know how to drink.