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Cabrera going to arbitration

Not really a surprise that he and his agents are taking this route.

Arbitration-eligible for the first time, Cabrera this season will earn no less than $6.7 million, the figure the Marlins submitted. If his new SFX representatives win the case, Cabrera will receive a staggering $7.4 million.

Before I go further, if I have this right, this is his third sports agency since 2003.  And if it were me, I think I would have chosen one that actually owned a shredder.  But that is just me.

If team Cabrera is successful in the arbitration hearings, and I think they will be, he will sort-of break the record.  He would beat Albert Pujols salary but fall significantly short of the actual record.

In that case, the only player who has earned more at the same level of service time would be Hideki Matsui ($13 million). Considering Matsui arrived in the U.S. as an established Japanese talent, that's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

The Marlins can negotiate with Miguel right up to the hearing, but if history is any indicator, they won't.  Not that it matters that much.  Cabrera will be with the Marlins one way or the other.

Now that Cabrera has reached his arbitration years expect that he and the club will go before the panel every year.  That is assuming he keeps putting up similar numbers.  Also expect him to break the "record" every year for years of service.