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Major League Stadiums

Tim Kurkjian of ESPN The Magazine gives his rankings of the top five ballparks in major league baseball.

What does the ranking of the top five ballparks have to do with where the Marlins play?  Not one thing.  But he also ranks what he feels is the worst baseball stadium in the majors, and that is......Dolphin Stadium.

Dolphins Stadium: That's what it is, a football stadium turned into a baseball ballpark. It looks even worse when only 10,000 fans show up, which has been often in recent years.
The Marlins, with all their good, young players, deserve better than this. They need a new ballpark with a retractable roof for when it's too hot, and because it rains so often there.

"One year,'' present Dodgers coach Rich Donnelly said when he was a coach for the Marlins, "we hit inside more than the Astros.''

I completely agree the Marlins need a new ballpark, but I'm not sure JRS is the worse place to watch a game.  Yes, I'm looking at you Shea.