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More Marlins Stuff

I have previously used the word "crap" instead of "stuff" but it occurred to me that everyone may not get the reference to the film "The Jerk", therefore I made the change.

Anyway, it is an off-season Monday so it's time for the weekly Marlins crap....errr...I mean stuff, presentation.  

This week it is a Marlins Logo Wall Clock.  Now, that isn't really all that unique of a thing but what really caught my attention was the item linked on the next page: Beer Drinker Cuckoo Clock.  For some reason I thought of Wiggins, don't know why, but I did.

But that's not all, and it really should be, but since I'm iced-in, I also present to you the Callaway Golf Florida Marlins Odyssey White Hot Putter.  Not a golfer myself, but maybe you will find it useful.