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Dontrelle enters a plea

Dontrelle is going to trial.

Marlins left-hander Dontrelle Willis has entered a not guilty plea to the charge of driving under the influence, according to the case summary.

Willis was arrested Dec. 22 in Miami Beach.

Defending Willis is Walter Reynoso, his wife's uncle, and Miami-based Robert Reiff, regarded as one of the nation's best DUI attorneys.

It is a good thing he is married to an attorney or at least an attorney-to-be who is in the family business.  Sure Uncle Robert may still command a stiff fee, but Willis should get his money's worth.  Not that Reiff wouldn't have given him the best defense possible had he never met him previously. But when you are going to see someone you're defending at every family christmas party in the future - let's just say, there is a little extra incentive.

Explaining Willis' alleged actions that led to him being pulled over by the police in the first place, should provide some interesting, if not creative, courtroom theatrics.