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The Gov is with us

The Governor restates his affirmation for a stadium for the Marlins.

Gov. Charlie Crist on Wednesday cited the euphoria over the University of Florida's national football championship among the reasons the state should reverse course and help pay for a Florida Marlins baseball stadium.

"I'm favorably inclined to it," Crist said. "I view it as an economic-development issue.

It's not just the players who benefit from having major-league baseball in the community. ... People who sell hot dogs benefit. People who do parking benefit. And it's a point of pride for many of our communities, especially if it's a winning team like things are in Gainesville right now."

Generally "favorably inclined" in political speak means: I will turn on a dime if it is up against something that is more important to me.  The good news is at least we know he didn't promise to veto it.

The bill is promised to be introduced and before the last day of business.

State Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera of Miami has said he will sponsor a bill for a $60 million state subsidy, though a revised total for the stadium cost has not been made public.

If history is any indicator it should pass the house but have trouble in the senate where most of the North Florida senators will vote against it and the South Florida senators will be split.

That said, it has a better chance to pass than it ever had in the previous eight-years.