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A fan has a question

In what I presume is a comment left on the Sun-Sentinel site, a Marlins fan ask the following:

Re the Jan. 3 article by Sarah Talalay about the state approving $15 million to spruce up spring training facilities: Seems odd that we can support with state funds the out-of-town baseball teams but cannot come up with a package for our Florida Marlins.

I think charity should start with our own first. The state is so worried about teams fleeing to Arizona for spring training, how about concern to keep the Marlins here for the full season?

The question wasn't addressed to me, but I will take a shot at answering it anyway. The state legislature doesn't cares one way or the other whether the Marlins remain in the state.  The Heat or the Panthers - you bet.  The Dolphins - don't even think about leaving.  But the Marlins - they don't care.  Or at least, they haven't up to now.  If the state doesn't want to help subsidize a stadium for the Marlins, I am fine with that.  Just as long as they pull the subsidizes for all the other professional sports teams in the state.