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The Howard Problem

Ryan Howard is hotter than hot and so a "strategy" was put into place.

For Scott Olsen, the instructions were clear: Do not allow Ryan Howard to beat you.

So with a 2-0 count and a runner on first in the sixth inning Friday, Olsen tried to get back into the count by challenging Howard with a fastball, preferably low.

Instead, the pitch was belt-high, and Howard hit an opposite-field moon shot that landed in the blue seats beyond the left-field wall. The home run gave the Phillies a lead they would carry to a 3-2 victory before 21,432 at Dolphin Stadium.

"(The pitchers) know to be careful, and they know not to let him beat us," Marlins manager Joe Girardi said. "And he beat us.

I've got an idea: instead of leaving it up to an Uber-Competitive rookie, how about someone in the dugout hollering out to Olivo and holding up 4 fingers.

Just a thought.