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Couple of more Marlins Rookie Records

I have been slow to report the first one:

Hanley Ramirez is the first rookie in Marlins history to score 100 runs in a season.  His total now stands at 105.

The Major League record is 127 set by Ichiro.

With 21 games remaining on the schedule it will be somewhat of a challenge for Ramirez to break that record but it can be done.

The other one is: Scott Olsen, last night, set the Marlins rookie record for strikeouts in a season.

Olsen had one snapshot moment when he broke the team's single-season rookie strikeout record with his third of the game, giving him 143. Dontrelle Willis had 142 in 2003. Olsen finished with seven strikeouts.

"It's something nice to have," Olsen said. "I'll put that on the fireplace when I get older."

Congrats Hanley and Scott!