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What did you do?

I meant to ask this yesterday but completely forget in my giddiness over the no-hitter.

Here is the question:  What did you do during the no-hitter to avoid jinxing it?

Carolina's father, apparently, wouldn't call her to tell her what was happening in order not to jinx it.

Jeffery Loria had a different plan to keep it alive.

Like many fans who watched Anibal Sanchez's no-hitter unfold Wednesday, owner Jeffrey Loria did his part to get the right-hander through it.

"I never left the chair," said Loria, who tuned in from his New York City apartment. "Never moved. I usually sit and watch two or three or innings, but I looked at the line score and decided I wasn't moving."

As for me, when I got home from work, the game was in the fifth inning and the computer was booting up.  I remember thinking that the game was going quickly and decided it was due to a lack of scoring.  The computer had booted and about that time they showed the line score.  I looked at the open thread and no one had posted anything since the game had begun.  

There was NO WAY I was going to post anything until Sanchez gave up a hit.

Now fess up, you are all baseball fans and therefore a little bit superstitious: What did you do?