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The Walking Wounded Report

It turns out that Hermida wasn't the victim of an ankle tendon.

Doctors have pinpointed the cause of the lingering ankle soreness that has mostly confined right fielder Jeremy Hermida to the bench: a stress fracture that could cause him to miss extensive time.

The injury to Hermida's right ankle was diagnosed Monday after an MRI, and the outfielder is being required to wear a protective boot that extends to his knee, possibly for as long as a week.

''I'll see the doctor in five to seven days and see what he says then,'' said Hermida, who has not started since Aug. 30. 'But `indefinitely' would be the word to use.''

Hermida hopes to return sooner, perhaps in only a few days. But that seems unlikely, considering the injury hasn't improved much in the week he has remained out of the lineup.

Nolasco keeps trying to battle his hamstring problem.

Ricky Nolasco, whose spot in the rotation has been taken by Brian Moehler, said he'll throw off a mound today for the first time in more than a week. Nolasco has been bothered by a sore right hamstring. Moehler will start Saturday against the Phillies.

Given the amount of time of remaining the season and the nature their of injuries, I doubt we will see either player return during the regular season.

Also, there is a little more information on Dontrelle and his cramps.

For now, Dontrelle Willis will make his next start Sunday at home against the Phillies.

But that could change if he continues to feel lingering soreness from what has become almost chronic cramping when he pitches on muggy days.


Willis said he has experienced cramps throughout his body since he joined the Marlins in 2003. But in the past, he has been able to alleviate the discomfort by stretching.

This season has been different. No matter how much he drinks to stay hydrated, the cramping has been worse.

Tuesday was his third start when trainers came to the mound. He left in the seventh inning and was given an IV in the clubhouse.

"I usually do a pretty good job of being hydrated. I'm usually the sweatiest teammate here," Willis said.

"I still don't think I hold down water like I should. Last night I (was) sweating three bottles or more and drinking one. It doesn't add up. It happens but this is the first time it happened and hopefully it's the last."

This still strikes me as unusual.  Yes, I know he is pure muscle mass but this has been a recurring problem all season that only seems to be getting worse.