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Willis and Cramps

When Willis left the game yesterday it was due to cramps.

Willis spoke to reporters with his right elbow wrapped in gauze to cover the spot where a needle pumped intravenous fluids into his arm after a team trainer escorted him off the mound in the seventh inning.

"I'm not a big fan of needles," Willis said. "It was just one of those days when the elements got me. I had cramps all over my body."

This is at least the second time this season Willis has had an early exit due to cramps.  May be he isn't getting enough fluid or electrolytes on the days before or the day he is pitching.  But this has been a known problem and as good as the training staff is for the Marlins it makes me wonder if there could be an underlying cause that hasn't been brought to light.

The reason I bring this up is because all the coaches and trainers seem to be watching him very closely.  Not mention they have re-coupled him with Treanor who made a slight gesture to those who were watching from the dugout last night.

It's probably nothing, but it is curious.

Fishfan may have a thought on this.