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The Fish are at .500!  So let the talk of the playoffs begin.

In fact, if you are a season ticket holder will you soon be getting a flyer in the mail.

Major League Baseball recently gave the Marlins' front office the green light to begin mailing post-season applications this week.

The Marlins are the first team in over 107 years to be below .500 by 20 games and rallied back to even.

...the Marlins became the first team since the 1899 Louisville Colonels to return to .500 after falling 20 or more games under in the same season.

If you are wondering how the Colonels season turned out they finished two games under .500.

But no matter.

The Marlins reaching the playoffs is still going to be as trying as getting to .500.  Their destiny is not completely in their hands.  The team is two games behind the Padres who they won't play again in the regular season and therefore they must out pace them.  The Fish have a very tough schedule ahead including the Arizona series.  After that they will play the Phillies nine times, the Mets seven times and the Braves and the Reds three each.  Not exactly a walk in the park.

There is also one potential problem looming on the horizon as to which Dontrelle hit the nail on the head.

"Most definitely I think we are capable of it," said pitcher Dontrelle Willis, who made his debut in 2003. "The only thing I see really stopping us is fatigue, but no one looks tired. Everyone is out there playing like it's April.

Many of the players will be going into unchartered waters as the season continues on.  May be the excitement of being in the playoff hunt will carry them through and hopefully it will.  But we are already starting to see some of them wearing down.

Nolasco is sidelined with a hamstring problem just above the knee and Hermida has an ankle tendon concern that has only allowed him to start one of the last six games.

This is a team that battled back from being 20 games below even, so who knows what they will do for the rest of the season.

If you do get the flyer in the mail, I wouldn't summarily throw it in the trash. You may need it later.