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Olsen Ready to Go

The following could go a couple of ways.

Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen arrived at Dolphin Stadium on Friday just in time to see bottles of champagne being wheeled into the ballpark, just in case the Phillies win the wild card this weekend.

"I hate the Phillies, and I don't want to see them celebrating," said Olsen, who starts today. "They've been beating us up all year."

Last weekend at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, the Phillies swept the Marlins, essentially ending Florida's hopes of making the playoffs.

"There would be no better satisfaction for me than to go out and win (today)," Olsen said.

He will be throwing hard, but if he can keep his composure, all the better.  If he doesn't all his breaking pitches will flatten out and he won't be able to spot his fast ball. Should this happen, I wouldn't dig into the batter's box if I were one of the Phillies. He does throw mainly fast balls.  Not that he would hit anyone intentionally, but when he is all pumped with adrenaline and starts over throwing, who knows where the ball is going to go.

The Marlins have already witnessed the Mets celebrating getting into the playoffs.  I'm guessing once was enough.