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Treanor Tossed

After being ejected, Treanor continues to make his case.

Matt Treanor had a short night's work last night.

Fastest game I've ever played,'' Treanor said afterward. ``When I was in Little League, my mom drug me off the field before the game one time. But other than that, this was the quickest.''

''I voiced my opinion,'' Treanor said. 'I never used any profanities. I didn't think I said anything to warrant being ejected. I didn't show him up by turning around. I know I did mention that the pitch to Dunn was a strike. I went on to say, `You missed two to [Reds leadoff hitter Chris] Denorfia.' He felt like I shouldn't be out there anymore, so that was it.''

Catchers talk to umpires all the time.  I guess Larry Young wasn't in a very good mood at the start of the game.

In case you are wondering why Treanor was catching instead of Olivo, Miguel has a sore hand.

Speaking of Olivo, he is on a record setting pace.

According to STATS, Inc.'s Jim Henzler, Miguel Olivo is in danger of becoming the first player to finish a season with at least 100 strikeouts and fewer than 13 walks. Olivo entered Thursday's play with nine walks (four intentional) and 101 strikeouts.

If Willis pitches on Sunday, this record is probably a lock.  And it probably is even if Willis doesn't pitch.

As of last night, Willis is expected to start Sunday whether it is a meaningful game for the Phillies or not.

I'm sure this is not the way Miguel would like to remembered for posterity.  But the soggy potato chip analogy does come to mind.