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No Suspensions

The Principal's office speaks:

Pitchers are not suspended

Major League Baseball will not suspend Marlins pitchers Scott Olsen and Brian Moehler, who were ejected last weekend in Philadelphia after hitting batters.

Moehler was ejected Saturday after he hit Ryan Howard. He all but admitted that he hit Howard in retaliation because the Phillies had hit Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera earlier.

Olsen was ejected Sunday when he lost his composure after giving up three home runs in an inning. He hit Abraham Nuñez with a pitch and was ejected immediately. Both pitchers are expected to be fined.

Good deal.  There is no reason for them to miss a payday.

When the fines are issued, and they will be, hopefully the club will pick up the tab.

Moehler was doing the old school thing of protecting a teammate but didn't draw flesh.  Olsen, from my understanding, just threw too far inside and the umpire read intent that wasn't there.

A good call by the Principal's office.