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Marlins 2007 Schedule

The Marlins 2007 schedule has been released.

The Florida Marlins today announced their schedule for the 2007 season, the team's 15th season of Major League Baseball. In addition to all 15 National League clubs, the Marlins will host the Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Interleague games at Dolphin Stadium.

Florida will begin the 2007 season on the road against the Washington Nationals, in a three-game series from April 2-4. It will mark just the fourth time in franchise history, the second consecutive season, in which the team will begin the season on the road.


The Marlins will host 81 home games, beginning with their Home Opener against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 6.


In addition to their annual home-and-home Citrus Series with Tampa Bay, the Marlins will play teams from the American League Central Division during Interleague Play. They will host the Indians (June 12-14) and Twins (June 22-24), and will travel to play the Kansas City Royals (June 15-17) and Chicago White Sox (June 18-20).

The worst part of the schedule is the Marlins begin and end on the road.  The final series of the regular season will be in New York, against the Mets.

The one improvement is that the longest road trip will be "only" ten games.  Also, there won't be a repeat of the 20 games in 20 days.  However, there will be two 17 games in 17 days stretches next year.  

Assuming I added up everything correctly and there is no guarantee that I did.

Anyway, here is the 2007 schedule:

Florida Marlins 2007 Schedule