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Kinda Sad

It already becoming apparent that the news media is going to focus on a story that will supplant the real story of the season: how unexpectedly brilliant the young Marlins performed this season.

Instead we are going to be fed a steady diet of: Girardi v. Front Office, for an extended period of time.

Most will side with Girardi and how the evil Front Office is behaving irrationally once again.  This seems to be the standard thing to do in sports media.  And especially if it concerns the Marlins.

With any luck, the story won't have staying power past whatever outcome the future holds.

It won't at FishStripes.

May be eventually the media will come to learn, that much like Oakland, here, the GM runs the baseball operations.  And I am good with that.

It doesn't mean the manager doesn't have some autonomy but he doesn't run the whole show.

Whether the media will get it or whether they won't - no matter.

What does matter is this: the real story of the season may be lost along the way.

And that, is kinda sad.