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Cabrera should be Shutdown

At the time I am writing this, I have no idea whether Cabrera will be in the starting lineup today or not.  But he shouldn't.

His throbbing left shoulder is crying out for October, begging the baseball season to end. Every time Miguel Cabrera's bat strikes the ball, the concussion causes him to shudder in pain. His left arm has its own bone to pick, having absorbed the peppering of round missiles that pitchers routinely aim in his direction.

So Cabrera ices his shoulder, and he has taken to wearing protective padding to shield his arm from enemy fire.

I don't care if he has a chance at winning the batting title.  He is too important to risk further injury for an individual award.  The Marlins are, for all intents and purposes, out of the running for the playoffs.

Cabrera is obviously wincing in pain when he hits.  Especially after trying to hit pitches on the outside part of the plate.  It's unrealistic to expect him to be selectively aggressive.  He just does what comes naturally to him.

He should be watching the final six games from the bench after spending some time in the trainer's room.

He can still win the batting title sitting on the pine. Let the Pirates risk exacerbating Sanchez's wrist problem. He was 0 for 9 in their recent series against the Padres. If this continues, he will finish behind Cabrera anyway.

It's time to shut him down.