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Rotation Changes?

Joe is considering making some changes to the starting rotation.

With the Marlins all but officially eliminated from the postseason picture, manager Joe Girardi said adjustments might be made to the rotation to provide other pitchers -- Yusmeiro Petit and Renyel Pinto being the obvious candidates -- a chance to start.

That could mean Brian Moehler, and perhaps Dontrelle Willis, might not receive another start, though it might take some heavy arm-twisting to convince the ever-competitive Willis to give up his spot. Willis is lined up to face the Phillies in the season finale on Sunday while Moehler is scheduled to pitch Friday.

The weekend series against Philadelphia could be important to the Phillies' wild-card chances, and they would surely relish the opportunity to face Pinto or Petit rather than Willis.

''I will do everything I can to win those games, because I owe that to baseball,'' Girardi said. ``But I won't jeopardize someone's health.''

I can't say I favor putting Pinto or Petit on the mound rather than Willis.

I would never want to jeopardize someone's health but there will be possibly other teams counting on the Marlins to put their best out on the field.

While statistics may not show it this season, Willis is the best the Marlins have to offer.

Yes, I am concerned about the number of innings he has thrown in his young career but if he is able, he needs to take the mound.

Let's leave our duty to the league aside: at least start him in the final game of the season for the fans.  Sure, it may be tough to wrestle the ball out of his hands in the third inning but I think it can be done.

Dontrelle Willis is the face of this organization.  He should be on the mound for the final game of the year: even if it is just a token appearance.