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Big Moe - The Protector

Moehler being the old school type of player he is: he did what he felt he had to do.

Brian Moehler seethed on Sept. 8 when Florida Marlins star third baseman Miguel Cabrera was hit by a pitch from Phillies left-hander Jamie Moyer.

When Jon Lieber hit Cabrera in the first inning Saturday, Moehler sought revenge.

Moehler, the Marlins' right-hander, grazed Ryan Howard's shirt with a pitch to load the bases with nobody out in the first inning. Plate umpire Bob Davidson warned both dugouts, and there was no further retribution.

"I'm not trying to hurt anybody. It's just the way it is," Moehler said. "I understand [Cabrera's] our big bat, and I understand why guys throw in on him. But [Moyer] hitting him in that last start and [Lieber] hitting him again in this start, whether it was intentional or not, probably not, you've got to protect your guys."

You da Man!

In the future, you may want to keep your real intentions to yourself.  MLB has a tendency to levy fines for such actions.

But no matter, should MLB issue a fine I'm sure the club will pay it for you.  Or at least, they should.