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Cabrera may not be able to Shoulder the Load

More news was released on Cabrera's shoulder ailment.  It turns out Joe's hypothesis to the cause of the injury was, somewhat off-base.  That is assuming Miguel isn't a violent sleeper.

An MRI revealed a strained rotator cuff. Cabrera, who is unsure of how the injury occurred, is day-to-day.


"[Wednesday] he tried to take BP and it didn't feel right," manager Joe Girardi said. "He's got a little strain. Nothing to be alarmed about. ... Short-term, it's not good."

I'm not so sure about Dr. Girardi's diagnosis that there is "nothing to be alarmed about."

I will paraphrase what Fishfan has said all season long, since I can't remember the exact quote:  Shoulders suck.

This will probably hand the batting title to Freddy Sanchez, who is hot at the moment.

Thursday, Cabrera all but conceded the race to Pittsburgh's Freddy Sanchez. Late Wednesday against the Dodgers, Sanchez went 4 for 5 and raised his average to .346, eight points better than Cabrera.

"[The batting title] is for him this year," Cabrera said. "He's been doing the same thing all season."

That's cool.  

Cabrera can win the batting title some other year.  The important thing is not to exacerbate the injury.