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New Season Goal

Finish .500.

Barring the kind of miracle that inspires poets and songwriters to pen verse.  The playoff dream is over.

The team can still achieve something no one, and I mean no one, thought possible at the beginning of the season.  Finish .500 or maybe slightly above.

There are teams who struggle for years to achieve this mark.  The Milwaukee Brewers finished below .500 for 10 years before finally achieving the mark last year.  They won't this year.

A .500 record would be an astounding achievement for this team.

It would also make the fourth season in-a-row for the franchise to finish with a non-losing record.  And the fifth since the organization was born. Which really, when you think about it, that ain't too bad. Considering that the club fielded its first team in 1993.

.500 would definitely be mark to be proud of.