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The Walking Wounded Report

One of the pitchers is coming around and the other...not so much.

Nolasco apparently has recovered from his lower hamstring strain.

Catcher Miguel Olivo said Nolasco was as relaxed as he's seen him in a while.

"Knowing that I'm able to pitch pain-free now helped," said Nolasco, who started for the first time since Aug. 30 at St. Louis. "It was kind of frustrating because I had never missed any starts or anything because of an injury. I felt good. To feel good and retire a lot of hitters consistently, it just helps you relax."

Fabulous.  It's great that he is able to pitch without pain.  One thing did strike me as to the way his physical condition was assessed during his last start.

"My concern, and we checked every inning, was: 'Do you feel anything?'" Girardi said of his conversations with Nolasco.

Repeatedly, the rookie said he was fine.

Yeah, rookies who are trying to stay in the starting rotation never lie.

My being flippant aside: I'm sure they weren't able to pick up any problems from the dugout and wanted confirmation from the man himself.

Johnson, however, doesn't sound as promising.

There is a chance rookie Josh Johnson won't be ready for his next scheduled start, which would be Friday at Philadelphia.


On Monday afternoon at Shea Stadium, Johnson played catch, throwing very lightly. The team had been hopeful that the Tulsa, Okla., native would miss one start.  Now, it appears he may not be ready for Saturday.

I'm not sure whether the statement about not being ready for "Saturday" was a typo and should read Friday or whether he won't be able to go even a day later.

Johnson has already thrown more innings this year (157) than at any other point in his professional career.  His previous high was 142 innings last year - combining the minors with the major league.

With some luck, he may return.  But there is also a fair chance that his body is starting to wear down and he may have already started his last game of the season.

Time will tell.  But the important thing is this: there is not a reason on this earth to rush him back if a possibility of furthering his injury exist.

I mean, really - the organization has given enough business to Dr. Andrews for one year.  And anyway, just how many luxury cars can he park in his driveway.