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Last Night's Game Pivotal?

Ethan J. Skolnick at the Sun-Sential wrote this about last night's game:

It reminded me of that loss to the Phillies last year, when the Marlins couldn't hold a 2-1 lead with Willis and then Todd Jones (their two best pitchers all year) on the mound, and lost by more than a half-dozen runs.

Once again, I didn't see the game last night but by all accounts, I completely understand what he is saying.

The game he is referencing was a complete defensive meltdown in the late innings.  I know.  I watched it three painful times.  Last night's game bears some semblance in nature to that game but still, it is not the same.

By the time of last year's Phillies game, the team had sustained a number of injuries.  Lo Duca had strained his hamstring and the Marlins had lost one of their gold glove caliber middle infielders and his backup, Damoin Easley, to injury.  The other, Castillo, was still trying to play with a bad leg/hip but would soon be shutdown for the season.  The team was limping to the end of  a long season with a couple of players having career bad years.

This year is different.  The present team has been making rookie mistakes, from time to time, all year long.  Which is somewhat understandable since most of them are rookies or veterans who have had relatively little playing time at their positions in the Majors.  And apparently they made mistakes once again last night.

They have, thus far, found a way to overcome this and put together long win streaks right behind losing streaks.  It is very possible they will do that again.

Last year's injury riddled team was spent.  This year's team still has the possibility to make a run.

That's where I see a difference.