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Over One Million Tickets Sold

Honestly, at the start of the season I wasn't sure it would happen, but thankfully it did.

With Monday's attendance, the Marlins became the last team in the majors to draw 1 million fans this season. But the Marlins are still last in the majors in both attendance (995,021 going into Monday) and average attendance (13,820 in 72 home dates going into Monday).

This is the fourth straight year and 13th season in the club's 14-year history that the Marlins have drawn at least 1 million.

Okay, this isn't one of the great achievements in the history of baseball but given how the season started and with the Heat winning the NBA championship in the middle of the season.  Getting this many tickets sold was not a guarantee.

I am not naive enough to believe that one million people have sat in the stands in order to cheer on our favorite team.  But at least the 2006 season won't go down in history as the most surprising and also the worse attended season in the history of the franchise.

Now it will be: just the most surprising.