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Cabrera makes the Blooper Reel

I didn't see the game yesterday and therefore I missed this.  But something gives the idea I will get the chance to see it over and over again.

In the eighth inning Sunday, for instance, Miguel Cabrera charged hard from his spot at third base as Philadelphia's Abraham Nunez squared around to bunt. Well, Nunez took the pitch and Cabrera, trying to slam the brakes on an infield gouged up by Miami Dolphins exhibition games, stumbled forward onto his hands and knees in classic baseball-bloopers form.

Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez couldn't stop giggling for several pitches after that. He held his glove close to his face, the better to mask his guffawing. Cabrera took a fair amount of ribbing from the nearby Phillies dugout, too, and luckily was not needed defensively at the moment, being as Willis was striking out Jose Hernandez with a 93-mph fastball to end the inning.

"I couldn't see it but I heard it," Willis said of Cabrera's tumble. "I looked up and I saw the divots he made. I was laughing. I thought that was funny and I thought it took a lot of pressure off everybody to see something like that."

Which does bring to mind that in 2003, two of the best qualities about that team were how incredible loose they were and how much they seemed to enjoy each other.

If those qualities count for anything in a playoff run, the Marlins are looking good.