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Cabrera going to the Body Armor

Cabrera will be lacing up the armor the next time he steps into the box.

All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera said he expects to return to the lineup today after sitting out Thursday with a bruised left elbow.

Manager Joe Girardi left Cabrera's return open until his left elbow is healed. When he does return, Cabrera said he will wear so-called "body armor" to protect his left arm.


Team trainers will try to modify the elbow guard to give Cabrera more comfort. This season, Cabrera has been hit by pitches eight times, tied with Dan Uggla for second on the team. Josh Willingham has been hit 11 times.

This will be interesting to see how he handles the new attachment to his arm.  Some players it doesn't bother and they find the added protection reassuring.  Others find it an impediment to their natural movements and the device becomes a physiological hindrance.

Cabrera being so focused when he his at the plate, I doubt he will notice the device.