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Follow up to the Story

The two principal players in the "Rift" made some statements yesterday.

'I'm still the Marlins manager, and I plan on being the manager for a long time,'' Girardi said Tuesday.

And Loria agreed.

When the owner was told of Girardi's comments, Loria told reporters: ``You got your answer.''

''I don't know where all this frenzy is coming from,'' Loria said while watching the Marlins take on the Washington Nationals from his front-row seat behind the Marlins dugout.


'I think if there was tension, he wouldn't be here,'' Girardi said of Loria.

Girardi said he was angry after Sunday's loss.

''The situation is I was upset we had lost three games to the Dodgers,'' Girardi said. ``We had some internal discussions. Internal means it stays in house.''

Girardi said he, like Loria, also was upset with Vanover's call, in which the umpire called Ball Four on a Taylor Tankersley full-count pitch that looked to be a strike. But he said he wasn't upset with anything Loria might have said to him.

''I threw a cup, and if people want to look at me and say I threw a cup against the wall and I'm a raving maniac, they can say what they want,'' Girardi said.

Girardi said he chats with Loria during games every now and then and doesn't have a problem with it. Loria has a box seat located next to the team's dugout.

''Jeffrey's talked to me many times in the dugout,'' Girardi said. ``Sometimes I go stand over there. Jeffrey likes to talk about baseball. That's his personality.''

Joe goes on to say that he intends to fulfill his contract and there are no out clauses of any kind.

I still don't know what happened.

(I had actually written a good bit after this in my first draft but a site crashed out my browser and all was lost.  Now I don't time to duplicate it.  Ain't technology grand.  I suppose I need to learn to write in a text program and cut and paste.)