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Stadium News

The prospects for a new stadium luffs up into the breeze.

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina said he asked MLB president Bob DuPuy if baseball would help pay for a Marlins stadium. ''He said no, but that there are ways they can help,'' Robaina said, but DuPuy gave no details.

Robaina continues to insist a stadium deal ''will get done,'' but there's justified skepticism. Miami-Dade County hasn't determined how much of the $100 million-plus funding gap can be covered by property taxes on a proposed industrial park. And Robaina reiterated Hialeah won't contribute its own property tax money -- which could be a deal-killer.

The first part of the quoted story comes as no surprise.  There is no way on this earth that MLB is going to chip-in to the cause.  That doesn't mean they shouldn't just that they won't.  The NFL does and I believe the NBA does also but not MLB.

The second part is a little disconcerting but I suppose it isn't that unexpected.  The Hialeah stadium project, by the above account, is no further along than it was several months ago.  If this is the whole story, it really isn't that surprising especially given that we are heading into the election cycle for the stadium to be relegated to the political back-burner.