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Error of our ways

This year's Marlins are pacing themselves into a record they would probably wish to avoid.

The young Marlins are making errors at a record pace.


That makes 90 errors committed by the Marlins, more than any major-league team this year and putting Florida on pace to make 134 errors.

"That's not acceptable," manager Joe Girardi said. "When we get into the dog days, guys are approaching areas they've never been into and they got to find a way to get through them and continue to play the good baseball they are capable of playing."

The club record for errors in a season is 129 by the 1998 team. Last year, the Marlins committed 103 errors.

The Marlins are 3-19 in games in which they make at least two errors.

"I thought we had made a lot of progress," Girardi said. "We haven't been really good lately."

Bad play or not - there is a real good chance that this year's team will break the record and it has very little to do with the player's capabilities.  In a few weeks the Dolphins will start playing games on the field and an NFL team really chews up the playing surface.

Once both seasons cross, the playing field will get worse and errors will be more likely.  Not to mention the wearing down of the players as late summer progresses.

It will be interesting to watch how the young fielders handle the strange hops that are headed their way.

Even if they break the record - so what. This is just a continuation of the learning process and so far the results look very promising.