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I am not sure what to make of this:

Nearly an hour after the game, team owner Jeffrey Loria and president David Samson rushed back to the clubhouse, and shortly afterward, team employees began preparing a room in the stadium for a news conference.

The Marlins generally reserve news conferences for major events such as the hiring and firing of managers or player acquisitions -- and in fact, the room they were readying was the same one used to announce Jack McKeon's hiring in 2003 and his resignation last fall.

Marlins officials said no announcement was planned Sunday, and they declined to elaborate why preparations for one took place. Girardi, however, did say he spoke with Loria after the game.

I would like to think they had a stadium deal done but at the last moment it wasn't a 100% assured.  But I really have no idea why the news conference room was prepared and wasn't used.

Any guesses?