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Chocolate Buns

"Chocolate Buns"?!?

It turns out the team has called up a guy with the nickname "chocolate buns". I kid you not.

Catcher Paul Hoover pleaded with reporters not to reveal the nickname a fan gave him when he was with Triple A Durham (N.C.).

It will be interesting to see if Marlins fans start calling him ''chocolate buns,'' as well.

Hoover, called up from Triple A Albuquerque (N.M.) after Matt Treanor went on the disabled list with an injured left shoulder, suspects he got the nickname because of soiled britches from his low, butt-skimming crouch.

Since I am reporting this also, it makes me as culpable as Clark Spencer, but I am guessing my readership is infinitely lower than the Miami Herald's.  Or at least for their sake, I hope it is.

For Paul's benefit, I hope the nickname doesn't catch on.  But unfortunately it is humorous enough that this most inauspicious moniker may take hold.

I can't wait to see him catch, that crouch must be something.  He is slated to start on Sunday.