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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Dodgers at Marlins (8/5)

The Marlins, recently, haven't been real good at stopping other team's streaks and the Dodgers extended theirs by winning their seventh game in a row.  Hopefully that end tonight.

The starting pitcher for the Marlins is Josh Johnson.  The Dodgers have on tap Chad Billingsley.

Game time is 6:05 p.m.

Johnson is looking to be the first Marlins pitcher, this season, to win 10 games.

Billingsley is mainly a fast ball, curve ball pitcher but he does have a slider.  His biggest flaw is that he walks a lot of batters.  If the boys can be patient they should be successful in getting the ball in play.

Aside: The Players Wives are holding their Back to School Drive today and tomorrow. The goal is to gather school supply donations in order to help the less fortunate kids in the community. So if you are going to either of the weekend games pick up some items to help out. Calculators, paper, pens, crayons, folders, etc. Any would be a good choice and as a bonus you get a voucher for two tickets to an upcoming Marlins game. But trust me, the feeling you will get from helping someone less fortunate than you will be the best reward.

Ichthyomancy is here for all.  It is recommended that you get your picks in on time.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State
Bobbob 18,372 Johnson Marlins: 7+ R
Colombo 19,646 Johnson Johnson: 0 H thru 5
C60 21,000 Cabrera Cabrera: RBI>1
Dan 17,771 Uggla Game: Jacobs HR, Willingham 3+ RBI, Uggla 1.000 BA
Double B 23,451 Johnson Marlins blow lead in 9th
Dr F 15,203 Hermida Hermida: HR, OF assist
Fishfan 26,000 Uggla Johnson IP ≥ 8 innings
Fluxuation 19,456 Johnson Marlins: H+R>20
HadMatter 18,018 Hermida Marlins: 3+ SB
Jscape 15,423 Ramirez Marlins: IBB except Cabrera
17MarlinS35 22,351 Ramirez Borchard: PH HR
NULaw 17,314 Cabrera Marlins: 3+ HR

Best of Luck to Everyone!