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The Catcher Situation

It looks likely that the team is going to the old standard of the backup catcher catches on Sunday.

''Olivo is going to catch a lot,'' manager Joe Girardi said. ``But when it comes to physical strength and energy, his energy is like a 4-year-old's, and the physical strength is like a body builder.''


Girardi said Hoover probably would start Sunday to give Olivo a break.

I have no idea how many teams still do this today, seeing how I basically only watch the Marlins. But it is what most teams did when I was a kid.

Having your backup catcher catch once a week is completely different from having your backup catcher catch every fifth start.  Obviously the number of days off are reduced in the first scenario.

Olivo should be fine but I hope Treanor isn't rushed back unnecessarily.

Fishfan you are correct, Treanor's shoulder has been painful at least since spring training.