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Marlins on ESPN

Did anyone see/hear the following?

ESPN's Buster Olney predicted the Marlins would win the NL wild card on Mike and Mike In The Morning Wednesday. But he was wearing a silly Hawaiian shirt at the time. ...

I read Olney's blog, especially since I paid the money and all, but I don't remember seeing this assessment on there.

It would be great to win the wild card but I still don't see it happening.  The team is only 4 games out but there are six teams ahead of us.  In order to win the spot, the Fish have to stay hot, hot, hot, and hope that none of the teams that are already ahead us puts together a championship run.

Very doubtful.

ESPN is running their series they label as "Web Gems of All Time".  

They are running a 30-day special highlighting all of the teams "best" defensive plays.  After which, the overall top ten will be honored in a best of the best thing.

Anyway, the Marlins top ten Web Gems are scheduled to be shown on August 18.

I recommend checking it out.  The Marlins defenders have made some near unforgettable plays throughout the team's short history.