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Marlins Shopping Around?

According to reports the Marlins are going up and down the aisles looking for some help.

Don't be surprised if the Marlins trade for a center fielder this week.

The front office has held meetings the past few days about beefing up the lineup to make a run for a wild-card berth.

One option being pushed by top team officials is to try to trade for a center fielder before Thursday's waiver trading deadline.

It is unclear who the team is targeting but center field has been in flux all year.

Rookie Reggie Abercrombie didn't turn into the everyday player the team wanted, so it has used backup outfielder Cody Ross and utility man Alfredo Amezaga in center.

The Marlins still can make trades after Thursday but they'd like to do something this week because post-season rosters must be set by Sept. 1, which is Friday. Any player acquired after Sept. 1 would not be eligible for the post-season.

While there is no doubt that the team doesn't have a traditional center fielder who can hit, I'm not sure they need one.  At least for this season.

Don't be too surprised if the organization does some window browsing but doesn't buy.

One main ingredient to the Marlins success is the team chemistry.  While Amezaga and Ross are certainly not prototypical players to be roaming the big green lawn in center field, the team is winning with them manning the position.  Is this the desired long term solution?  Of course not.  But for now it seems to be working, for whatever reason, and it is possibly better than getting a 30 game rental.   "Dancin' with the Ones Who Brung Ya" seems to me to be a better course of action for this young team.