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Kensing is Probably Done for the Season

Kensing most likely has already thrown his last competitive pitch of the the season.

Feeling more discomfort in his right elbow, reliever Logan Kensing is scheduled to be examined on Wednesday by orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, in Birmingham, Ala.

Kensing did some light throwing on Tuesday, but he said his elbow still doesn't feel right.

The rookie went on the disabled list on Aug. 8 with a right elbow strain. About 10 days ago, he resumed throwing activities, but experienced discomfort then, too.

Not good news, but then again, not unexpected.

I suspect that he will undergo golfer's elbow release as our resident Medical Expert described.

Maybe he won't have to, but given the way he has responded so far, I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Fishfan, with his intelligent and informed opinion, may have more to add.