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Rookies trying to make more History

The rookie hitters are trying to one-up the pitchers and set a Major League record.

If you remember, the rookie pitchers tied a record that was last achieved in 1952 by having three of them win at least 10 games.  The batters are looking to best the pitchers and stand all alone at the top.

Hanley Ramirez, who went into Friday with 12 home runs, needs three more to make the Marlins the first team in history to have four rookies with at least 15 home runs.

"To have four of us with at least 15 home runs would be pretty incredible," said rookie first baseman Mike Jacobs, who has 16. "It's just like the starting pitchers with 10 wins. You're not going to see that for a long time."

Second baseman Dan Uggla has 19 home runs and left fielder Josh Willingham has 18. They are on pace to become the first two rookie teammates in NL history to hit at least 20.

Both records are completely within reach, especially the NL 20 HR record.  

The moral to story is: get a lot talented rookies and they are bound to set some records.