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Alfredo Off-Season Mexico Bound

Amezaga is planning to hone his skills in his native country during the off-season.

Though he likely will arrive a little later than usual, Amezaga plans to compete in the Mexican Winter League. He's a middle infielder by trade and hopes to concentrate on those positions after being pressed into outfield duty with the Marlins.

The switch-hitting Amezaga also has an offensive agenda.

"I'm bad with breaking pitches, so I need to work on hitting that pitch," he said. "I always look for fastballs, but over there they don't throw too many."

Alfredo may have some company in the Mexican Winter League.

Out almost three months with a shoulder injury, Sergio Mitre had totaled 39 innings entering Wednesday's game. Mitre said he is prepared to do some extra work in the Mexican Winter League if the Marlins deem it beneficial.

"Throwing an inning every other day or every three days, I don't know," Mitre said. "Hopefully I'll end up with 50 or 60 [innings]. What's that, an average year for a reliever? I'll see what they want to do."

I don't know what the club wants Mitre to do.  But if his shoulder is feeling fine, I don't think they would mind him picking up an extra 60 innings during the off-season in order to improve his arm strength and work on his pitch control.