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Dontrelle's Mom gets an Award

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Speaking of Dontrelle, he is not the only award winner in the family.

Joyce Guy has a favorite Little League moment, compliments of her son, Dontrelle Willis.
Willis, then 11 years old, had just scored a run in an important playoff game in the Alameda (Calif.) Little League in 1993 when he caught mom off guard. Normally focused during games, Willis paused for a memorable moment.

"After touching home plate, he winked at me and then flashed a smile as if to say, 'Thanks, mom.' You could see how happy he was," Guy says. "I thought, that's my baby, Dontrelle."


...Guy has won the George and Barbara Bush Parents of the Year Award. It has been presented annually since 1980 by Little League to the parents of a major league player who were actively involved in their son's Little League experience.


Guy, the first single parent honored, receives the award Thursday in Williamsport, Pa., headquarters of Little League International. She'll also be recognized on the field during the Little League World Series.

Little League thrives on its volunteers. Guy worked the snack stand and was a field monitor in Alameda. "I did whatever it took," she says.

It is a nice article and if the topic interests you, I recommend reading it in its entirety.  Especially if you aren't familiar with Dontrelle's early childhood in the Bay Area.

She is a good lady and well deserving of the award.