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Ranking the Stadium Sites

After yesterday's announcement that MLB was looking for a downtown Miami location for the stadium, Hialeah's Mayor had this to say:

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina said Major League Baseball officials contacted him last week with news that they were looking at the possibility of a stadium on land near the shuttered Miami Arena -- ``but only to assure me that this was a backup.''

''The Hialeah stadium is still the No. 1 priority we're working on [for] a deal,'' said Robaina, who is traveling with Miami-Dade County officials to New York to present the plan to baseball officials next week. ``That's my concentration, and that's what MLB has represented to me.''

Jonathan Mariner, an executive vice president at Major League Baseball, declined comment.

I have no idea whether the downtown location is Plan B to Hialeah or not.  But I do know this: neither one is funded at this point.

The downtown site sounds a little more attractive to me.  But when it is all said and done, either will do.  Just as long as a stadium is built somewhere.