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Security on Travel Charters

I must admit, this comes as a surprise to me.  From the Josh Willingham blog.

Fans might think that we might be exempt from security just because we're a professional baseball team and fly on charters. But we are no different than the people who fly commercial. We get checked before we get on a plane every time. We get frisked by the security people. They check your bags. They check what's in your pockets. It is a little bit quicker than normal security measures because you are not in a terminal with hundreds of other passengers, but you approach it the same way you would if you were flying commercial.

People might think we are allowed to carry on items that a person flying commercial could not because we know everybody on board. But we are not allowed to bring a pocket knife on board, just like the regular traveler could not bring a pocket knife on a flight. And if we had one, it would be taken away.

I really thought if you chartered a plane you didn't go through similar screening procedures to that of flying a commercial airliner.  Sure your bags might be X-rayed or searched in the larger airports.  But I didn't know that similar rules applied to searching the passengers.

Aside:  The day, I think, Wiggins was scheduled to depart for England was the same day of the security alert.  I wonder if he ever got there.