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Valuable Veterans

While the most experienced guys on the team aren't making anyone's list as best of the best this season, their impact on the team may be far reaching into the future.

If anyone should have wanted Joe Borowski gone at the trading deadline, it was Taylor Tankersley. With Borowski pitching elsewhere, Tankersley probably gets first crack at replacing him in the closer's slot.

Turned out no one was happier he stayed put.


`When Joe goes, the closer's job is going to be open and that's good for you,'" Tankersley said. "I was like, `Heck no, I don't want him going anywhere.' I like having Joe around. I want Joe to be here so I can continue to watch and learn because this guy has been getting people out for eight years in the big leagues."

The veterans have been more valuable to the team than most people know.  If it wasn't for them sharing their insight with the youngsters, the coaches would have been herding cats all season long.

In the long run, one of the best moves Beinfest made was not trading any of them at non-waiver deadline.  There is much for the rookies still to learn.  Such as: how to survive through September.

Another very good article acknowledging the somewhat silent contributions of the veterans is here.