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Treanor Back

Since Joe wanted to keep Olivo coupled with Johnson, Treanor started the game on the bench.

But Treanor is expected to start on Friday giving Olivo a much deserved two days off.  Olsen starts on Friday in case you were wondering.

Catcher Matt Treanor was activated from the disabled list.


He expects to start Friday's series opener against Atlanta at Dolphin Stadium. That would give catcher Miguel Olivo two days off, including today's off-day.

Olivo has started all but one game since Treanor went on the disabled list Aug. 1 with a left shoulder strain.


"I feel good,'' Treanor said. "I could feel better, but I won't feel completely better until the off-season and I get some rest.''

Treanor said the soreness might be related to surgery he had last off-season to repair his labrum.

I will let Fishfan critique Treanor's learned medical opinion, if he has time and I know he doesn't.  But I must say Fishfan's comment yesterday rings true to my ears.