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Collision Course

An irresistible owl meets an immovable rodeo clown.

(All of the pictures taken by Reed Saxon, AP.  Via Yahoo!)

Early indications are Ross will be fine.

Right-fielder Cody Ross was on his way to having a career game against his former team Wednesday before he collided with second baseman Dan Uggla while chasing a fly ball.

The players banged knees and Ross had to be helped off the field. X-rays showed no major damage.


Uggla was momentarily shaken up. "Boy, it hurt at first,'' Uggla said. "He's got a hard whatever-I-hit. I know he has spike marks on his shin.

If Cody's pain is worse today he may undergo an MRI.  But given this is the same guy who played the next day after getting hit squarely in the face with a pitch, I would expect him to return to the lineup very soon.

I still don't understand why the Marlins fielders keep plowing into each other at this point in the season. Though this one is completely understandable, my point remains.

Why do they keep running into each other?